NW Book Report

Northwest Book Report

November 3-23, 2005

Also see August Washington Book Report for other details about a few of the below books
For this trip I did not spend that much time outdoors (and little by myself) and none wildcrafting. I flew into Sea-Tac, drove down to the AHG conference in Portland, then to Corvallis, OR. to Jaci Mckamey, then to teach in Eugene for a few days down Naomi’s in Ashland (a day trip to Richo in Williams) back for one night in Portland, on to Panzer’s in Seattle, a conference outside Olympia at Fungi Perfecti, back to Panzers and home. I took little time to key out but took a few photographs. Hence I did not get much of a chance to use the below books. And there were few flowers to key out, as it was November. Ferns and lichens were looking good though.

1.Flora of the Northwest- Hitchcock & Cronquist- This is still the one, my fear was that it would not cover plants in Southern Oregon (not in its range), but as I did not key out plants down there, I cannot ascertain this.

2.Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast- Pojar & MacKinnon- Very useful for quick references of plants. The photos are quite small, but there is often small black and white illustrations accompanying the text. A good one.

3.Plants and Animals of the Pacific Northwest- Kozloff- This one is useful for going beyond plants and it has good photos of lichens and ferns. It is an interesting book to thumb thru, though I could probably use to read the text more often

4.Trees to Know in Oregon- Department of Forestry. This was a surprisingly useful book. I often consulted it and it is inexpensive ($5 new) and small and easy to carry. And useful information. Highly recommended. The text also has some dopey but cute illustrations and interesting things about the trees.

Did not use- The first two due to the fact that they are color photo books and there was a notable lack of November flowers.
1.Mountain Plants of the Pacific Northwest- Taylor & Douglas
2.Wildflowers of the Western Cascades- Ross & Chambers
3.The Manual of the Higher Plants of Oregon- Peck- Nobody seems to use this, the only, Oregon Flora. It does seem antiquated, but I also did not use it, as I relied on other books. Someday I hope to give this book a fair shake and see if it is or not properly misaligned.