WA Book Report I

Washington Book Report
August 17-25, 2005

Used A Lot
1.Flora of the Northwest- Hitchcock & Cronquist- The flora of its region, bring this book each time I come to this region.  It is useful and the keys work fairly well, though the description of the individual plants can be brief. The small black and white illustrations are sometimes helpful well. A good complete flora.

2.Mountain Plants of the Pacific Northwest- Taylor & Douglas- The plants are grouped by families, which are helpful in this color photo-rich book, and for this reason and the quality and quantity of photos I use it more frequently than the other photo books.

3.Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast- Pojar & Mackinnon- This has more plants than the other photo books and one or two photos or them, though the photos are small. Many of the plants also have a black and white habit drawing, which is useful. The keys preceding some of the genera are useful and succinct, being written in an easy-to-use way. While there are photos of a good number of plants that may be encountered other members of the genus are given a sentence or two in the description of the genus which helps to separate them, but the distinctions are brief but it works if you use it to get to a genera and then use Hitchcock to more accurately get to the species. There are also small maps that are somewhat useful.

Used infrequently

4.Wetland Plants of Oregon & Washington- Guard- This one didn’t have many of the plants I was looking at, probably I wasn’t in it’s wetland turf.. Otherwise the color photos in the book look good.

5.Wildflowers of the Western Cascades- Ross & Chambers. An okay book, though probably using numbers 2 & 3 will cover much the same material.  I may try it again.