NSBM Applications, Handouts, Syllabus

Below are ths school application, resource lists for incoming students, a number of handouts and other information. Feel free to download any and all.

Some of these handouts are occasionally revised. If you have already downloaded them, you may want to check to see if you have the most current copy.

School Application Form

Temporary School Application-as of November 2017 please use this form. Cut and paste it to a dcoument and then email it to 7Songsevensong@gmail.com. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

This is the School Application for all Northeast School of Botanical Medicine classes. 

Video Links


First Aid

Body Systems

Medicine Preparation and Herbal Pharmacy

 Clinical Skills and Practice

 Specific Health Issues

Other Subjects

Books, Tools and Equipment lists

Wildcrafting Lists

These are lists I made for gathering and admiring different plants during the year. Of course this will vary depending on where you live, these cover the Northeast.

Class Outlines

These are outlines I made in preparation for presentations and classes.  They are here for folks making similar presentations and are looking for outline notes. They are personalized, but can be adopted to your needs.

Materia Medica


Note: There is now a calendar on this website under 'Program & Classes'. The calendar has more specific information on dates and classes and will reflect any changes.


PowerPoint Presentations

  • Practicing as an Herbalist in an Integrative Free Clinic
    This is a large file and may take a few minutes to download onto your computer. It will load in 'slide show' format. To navigate the slides, use the arrows on your computer. To get out of it, use the 'esc' button. If you want to see it again, look in your download files, it should be there.
  • Principal Plants in Herbal First Aid                                                                  A simple description of some of the plants I commonly use in first aid. 



I made these charts for the Ithaca Free Clinic waiting room. They are set up for quick information for some common health issues, and to make them pretty, they have photos of each of the plants.  The 'Notes' handout below is to help flush out details.

Herbal and other Related Articles

This section is to for articles, reviews, reports, and other subjects I've written about that you may find interesting. I've just begun this section and will try to begin posting items soon. Check back from time to time for further developments.

Articles are listed below. If you do not see the information you seek, look in the handouts section. If you have any questions or comments please email me from the contact page.

Botanical Field Guides and Floras

Descriptions and Reviews of Plant Field Guides for Various Regions

I wrote these book reviews upon returning home from plant focused travels. They are personal reports on books comprising mostly technical plant identification manuals and field guides. I originally wrote them more for myself so that I had a record to remind myself which books to bring when I return to a specific region. But perhaps they can be helpful for other folks to add and whittle down their plant identification books before they go on the road.

If you are looking through the below book reports before heading off somewhere, think in terms of the region that you are traveling to. For instance the Colorado book report also has books on its northern neighbor Wyoming, while also including books of the Rocky mountain in general.

Book Reviews-Not Field Guides

 Other Articles

Wildcrafting and Medicine Making

Personal Plant Adventures

Clinical Stories

Stories and Anecdotes from Others (Students, Friends, etc)