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This section is to for articles, reviews, reports, and other subjects I've written about that you may find interesting. I've just begun this section and will try to begin posting items soon. Check back from time to time for further developments.

Articles are listed below. If you do not see the information you seek, look in the handouts section. If you have any questions or comments please email me from the contact page.

Book Reports-Botanical Field Guides and Floras

I wrote these 'book reports' upon returning home from plant-focused travels. They are personal reports on books comprising mostly technical plant identification manuals and field guides. I originally wrote them more for myself rather than to share, so that I had a record to remind me which books to bring when I return to a specific region. But perhaps they can be helpful for other folks to add and whittle down their plant identification books before they go on the road.

If you are looking through the below book reports before heading off somewhere, think in terms of the region that you are traveling to. For instance the Colorado book report also has books on its northern neighbor Wyoming, while also including books of the Rocky mountain in general.

Many of these articles will not be formatted as well as I would like. This is due to their being moved from one program to another. Sorry about that.


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